Thursday, 7 January 2010

Facebook group to scrap pointless groups?

Every now and then something will get up my nose and I just have to vent.  I'm not talking about sneezing because of dust or pepper now (although I did sneeze so hard on Monday I pulled a muscle in my chest and it hurt until Wednesday), I'm talking about those things that most people either don't notice or are capable of ignoring.  So what has got Russ grumpy today?

As I have previously moaned, the majority of the groups and stuff are about as pointless as Percy Pointless from Pointlessville who has broken the point off his pencil.  However, if you are one of the people that perpetrates this level of pointlessness, for the love of God and all that is holy get your spelling right.  Use a spell checker  or a dictionary.  I appreciate that we all make spelling mistakes (some people even make up whole words) but do you group makers not realise that by its very nature these groups may be viewed by tens of thousands of people worldwide whereas the spelling mistakes in my blog are read by about three people.  It makes you look really quite dense.  Even if I liked these groups I could not subscribe to something so blatantly wrong.

Here are some examples that recently popped up on my Facebook that other people had joined (spellings corrected in brackets):

'Morning glorys are embarrseing (embarrassing) when cuddling a girl after a nice night ;)' - The ;) is part of the group name; if you have any idea what it is, please use the comments thingy to enlighten me.
'Join this group and we could be in guiness (Guinness) world record 10,000,000 members'. - Guinness is a proper noun so needs a big G at the front as well as spelling.  And I don't expect the Guinness book of records would print all 10 million names anyway.
'THE OLD WINDMILL STAFF,REGULARS &COSTOMERS (customers)' - and please don't shout.

Another thing is the groups that make completely unsubstantiated claims.
Unless the group was created by the writers of Gavin and Stacey, then 'If 3 million people join gavin and stacey will do another series' probably makes promises it can't keep.
Similarly, 'If this gets 100,000 members then facebook will have themes' probably not sanctioned by Facebook (and I don't even understand what it means).
Did Cadbury really promise this? 'If we get more then 100000 members wispa will make there price to 30p'

Or maybe I'm missing some magic link.  I may start a group 'If three members join then my bank will deposit 1 million pounds into my account'.  Or 'If my blog has more than three readers I will be surprised'.


  1. Perhaps you should just embrace it and cash in with 'groop four peple hoo kant spel'
    On the plus side they are all at least trying to use some semblance of English rather than your other love, txt spk.

  2. Perhaps if Cadbury can't spell wispa (Whisper) correctly; then we shouldn't be surprised that they can't spell then (than) or there (their) correctly either.
    P.S. Couldn't agree more about facebook groups. What is the point of virtual groups that achieve literally nothing?